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A French man once told me “I like you so far,” and it got me confused. Every now and then when I recall this moment again, I can not say for sure if he likes me still. All I know is that he genuinely meant it at the second when he said it. “I Like You So Far” implies a time limit, it is a style of unromantic but trustworthy affection.

These photos were taken from 2014 to 2017. I have liked these people when I was shooting them, and I still do like them so far till today when I am about to release this book. I Like You So Far is a love letter to photography, my lovers, and everyone I like a lot. I do not know if I will still like you in the future? But I like you so far.

Come blow me a kiss. Because perhaps tomorrow we will not care about each other anymore.

Taipei, Jun. 2017

YinHan in Brighton
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